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Why I'm making my finances public

I've decided to make my finances public going back as far as I can get data for, which looks to be around early 2017. What this means is every month I will post how much I've earned (and soon spent, and saved) here. In this post I hope to lay out why I'm doing this.

Career Visibility

I've been lucky enough to land some amazing jobs and fortunate enough to work with some amazing people. I'm also a white, male, programmer and I understand that opportunities are open to me that aren't open to others. By sharing my financial story you'll also get a glimpse into my professional story. You'll be able to see how much I've been able to earn at different check points in my career. I can't say if this information is valuable but I hope it can at least be a reference point to others as they reach similar check points in their careers.

Digging into discomfort

I'm also sharing this because the mere thought of my finances in the public domain makes me uncomfortable and so I started asking myself why. I'm worried that coworkers might judge me if I make more (or less!) than they do. I'm worried what my family will think. Surely there is a good reason why no one in my family has ever talked about how much they make?! Will the people of the internet judge me for spending way too much money on rent and almost as much on food? The list could go on and on. I spent weeks thinking about it, I talked to friends and mentors. The more I thought about it the more excited I got. The more I dug into the discomfort the easier it got. So the final step to rid myself of the taboos around money is to write this post and make everything public.

If anybody has thoughts about this post and/or questions or thoughts about my career or finances please reach out! You can email me here or connect with me on twitter.

Published on April 18, 2019